Maker Faire

The 3 interesting ‘interface’ I found in Maker Faire are as belows.

The first is a software that could capture and process video streams from Kinect, Webcams, Firewire, IP Cams, and even mobile phones.


This software has many kinds of effect to choose, when click different icons on the bottom of the screen, it will show different effects.

it’s funny, people are encouraged to play  with it because they could see different effect created by their motions and the color they have(their clothe’s color or their phone’s color). It can identify and capture the color pixel in the camera, so it could create some effect rely on the color people have and people’s motion. It could filter and sort features by location, color, quality, and size.


The second interface is ‘Eddie’.

Eddie is a new type of robot from Parallax inc. designed to foster creativity, innovation and experimentation. Compatible with Microsoft’s Robotics Developer Studio, Eddie can roam autonomously, see in 3D using the power of the Microsoft Kinect, and be driven remotely using a wireless controller.

The included control board uses the 8-core Propeller microcontroller to directly control two 12V motors and collect data from several sensors around the robot.

People could control the motion of the Eddie by doing some body gestures through the Kinect. So it will attract people to interact, to play with Eddie.




The 3rd ‘interface’ I saw was a ‘band’. Yes, it’s a band, it’s a band formed by toys. Please see this video.

Toys Band

People could control this whole band by a drum/sample machine ‘Roland R70’.  When you click on different buttons on the ‘Roland R70’, different toys will play drum. This project includes a lot of circuits. Each buttons on Roland R70 outputs to some circuits to control toys.

It’s pretty fun that we can control this whole toy band to play drums, only by using a Roland R70, it’s so cute and funny, sweet, so it attracted a lot of people to watch and play with it.

BTW, i saw this car in Maker Faire too !! It’s really soooooooooooo cute !!!

It’s a whole band too, these fishes on this car could sing different songs and move(it really attracted lots of people to watch, especially kids).




In sum, Maker Faire is really awesome, it really inspired me a lot, i’m so interested in robot, and I want to learn more knowledge about Arduino, to create something interesting. and that toys band really gave me some brainstorm , I’m thinking about to control something by MIDI signals(Brainstorm ing…).

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