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What are you doing for Halloween?!?!

Hello Everyone! On Halloween, Monday Oct. 31st, I will be VJing at a club. It’s my first time doing something like this and I would love it if you all came! I am performing with Analog Fire, their set is from 8:00PM-9:30PM. Here is a link to the FB invite: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=275266162493815      

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Instruction sets

Wednesday’s non-class: Documentation of instructions sets work.

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Team Aterisk: Instruction set for strangers, Presentation round Three

OK folks, here’s our 3rd presentation. We think we’re now closer to our finalized idea more than ever. Will take it for a test run this week and post more as we go. Get the presentation PDF here.

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Instruction Sets Phase 3 Presentation


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Stranger Project: Choose Path update


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Instruction Set for Strangers- DAY 1 (continued)

-Our First Initial Mock-Ups Launched- We stuck with the animated characters to humanize the items in order to enhance the eco-scavenger hunt appeal, giving it more of a fun factor in hopes that the interaction experience would also be a fun one as well as educational.   We decided on a family model to introduce …

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Instructions: presentation #2


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instruction sets for strangers

Group: Sable Smith, Elizabeth Tolson, Rachel Law Location Washington Square Park Above is a map that was created from the sat. documentation. Video Documentation We decided upon Washington Square Park because of the highly contrasted demographic that its location allows for. There is a mixture of NYU students and faculty, the crowd attracted by the …

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Instruction Set for Strangers- MOCK UPS (continued)

Preliminary mock ups Recycle Scavenger Hunt Design and tagline subject to change.

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Instruction Sets- Site Analysis Presentation


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