7 in 7 Project#6: George Seurat- Paintball by Numbers

Goal: Turning an ordinary paintball gun into an artistic brush rather than just something you use to impale people with balls of paint.  This gun would now have a dual purpose, one artistic and one recreational sport.  This would have to be sponsored by or partnered up with Pantone and Kuller, in order to paint a Seurat on a wall using a paintball gun.  It could also be a fun target practice.

Inspiration: George Seurat. Paintball.  Paint by numbers.  Artists. Geeks.

Approach: Would need to find a wall large enough to complete a whole George Seurat composition.  A copy of a Seurat painting that has been outlined with numbers indicating a Pantone color that matches original painting, this bw version will then be projected against the wall.  To match the paint accurately, perhaps the Kuller system should be used.  Pantone would then have to make these specific colored paintballs for this project.  Would also need two sturdy ladders and sturdy planks to make a scaffold at the opposite side of the desired wall.  Shooters can stand across and start filling the gun with the specific Patone colored paint balls, then start shooting.  They would have to shoot at the exact areas where the Pantone color numbers should be.

Anticipated Constraints & Issues: Would need an artist with a fine eye who can copy a Seurat painting in order to project it on a wall.  Would have to configure the distance between the wall and the shooter, because depending on how the paint ball splatters, it might be too severe that it could ruin the desired Seurat dot-type technique.  Also suggest to reconfigure the air pressure of the paintball gun and also its barrel might have to be longer/thicker sturdier as well as its muzzle and choke tube, just for speed and accuracy for this purpose.


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