7/7 easy chocolate&lemon crunch frozen yoghurt

froyo time!!!!!!

I love froyo!!! It’s one of the ‘new’ things I learnt to like in ny, I didn’t have any back home….. then during bootcamp, I made friends with a bunch of people from hawaii/cali and from them converted to a froyo addict lol Anyway I realised I was spending way too much money on pinkberry, so I decided to try my hand at making some of it

what you need:
normal dairy yohgurt
greek yoghurt/double cream

in a ratio of 3 : 2 : 1 so if you have 300ml of yohgurt you’ll need 200ml of greek yohgurt/double cream and 100ml of milk.  Basically mix it all up in a bowl until you have a satisfyingly goopy texture,  which will form the base of your froyo. For a thicker ‘fro, use more cream/greek yohgurt; for a thinner ‘fro, use more milk

chocolate&lemon crunch

7 lemon biscuits (I used the meyer’s lemon thins, which goes for 2.99 at trader joe’s)
150g of chocolate (basically half a block of a family bar)

1. crush your biscuits – bare hands if you’re uncivilised, or for the more civilised way; ziplock bag and rolling pin until you get cookie crumbs
2. break your chocolate up to lots of small chunks, microwave on high for 1min until gooey
3. mix your crumbs with biscuits

final steps:

1. pour your froyo mixture into the biscuit mix
2. stir until evenly distributed
3. put in the freezer for 1hr
4. take it out, stir
5. back in the freezer for 1hr
6. take it out, stir
7. back in the freezer for 1hr
8. take it out, stir
9. chuck it in the freezer until it’s frozen-ish (I like mine smooshy soft, but idk maybe you like hard froyo, what do I know?)
10. eat!!!!

you can alternate variables by using flavoured yohgurt (strawberry yohgurt for strawberry base etc etc) or using different types of cookies, adding toffee crunch etc etc etc

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