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final projection documentation x3

Essay/paper:  MS1paper Website: http://milkred.3riptych.org/p2011-pupa.html

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Final Presentation

final presentation major studio final presentation

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major studio presentation 1

presentation2 major studio

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readings [week 5]

I loved both readings, really can’t pick a favourite this week. Both of them were wonderful! The reading by RCA was really interesting on many levels; first was how the implemented a non-design/fine-arts concept into a design process (as opposed to borrowing aesthetics which is way more common i.e. rene magritte’s work constantly gets lifted/referenced …

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[mashup 2#] Lost Things

I recently lost my university id + trainpass card + lanyard, and I spent the next 4hrs walking up and down the city looking for it (losing the cards doesn’t really bother me much since my trainpass expired anyway, but the lanyard/cardholder was a gift from my mom before she left so I’m very D:!!! …

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[feedback loop]

I was thinking of writing a program that would automatically tweet/update status of facebook every time I procastinated (which is like, every single day) but then I realised my friends would probably get really annoyed with me after a while since it would be auto-tweeting/updating every 5 mins and causing major info-floods. So instead I …

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[mashup 1#] putting the ‘desk’ back into desktop

Why live with icons when you can have a 3-d desktop? My mashup is a 3-d/2-d converter! Make 2-d screens into 3-d rendered objects, and then convert your photos of friends/enviroment/whatever into a convienient 2-d lineart style.  

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[mashup additional] I Read A Book, It Told Me It Loved Me

Do you ever get an #eyedeer, and it just festers in your head until you do it? Well, that’s what this one feels like. It’s not actually in the assignment list, so I’m going to do it as an additional piece of work because I can’t get it out of my head and it’s driving …

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Scrapyard Challenge!

I was in a group with Firm, Paweena and Doug (spelling?) and actually we came up with THREE different musical instruments out of an old printer and a xbox. The most-fun bit was probably breaking open the xbox, and I got to mallet the harddisk drive! (yay!) After we opened the harddisk drive, Doug said …

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readings week 4 (mashup)

I really liked the articles on musical mash-ups since I listen to a lot of them on youtube, my favourite is this one: Circus/PokerFace (aucostic) possibly everything¬† pop mashup ever aspires to be: United States of Pop I love United States of Pop, it’s almost like a sound map of all the pop music top …

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