7/7 7:Portable Light Show Device (and my homage to robots and all the artifice that we depend on)

Project 7: How To Create A Light Show On The Go

For my last piece, I wanted to sum up the underlying concept for all of my 7×7 projects and  to pay homage to “robots” and all the useless artifice that we depend on so much. This video is a celebration of all that man has created no matter how useless it all is. In my video, I used every day artifice to create something beautiful and nonobjective.

Result: YouTube video below + photograph


Materials used and their limitations:

Colander, flashlight, large glass vase, small glass vase, compact disk, rope, white wall, Kraftwerk’s I am a Robot. I used a rope to suspend a colander from the ceiling. I lit a small flashlight on a blank wall through the colander holes while placing various objects in front of the colander. I would have liked to project in color but I did not have any colorful glass objects in my apartment.

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