7 in 7 : cookie monster

 I did not make this!!

Source: http://www.doobybrain.com/2009/02/01/cookie-eating-cookie-monster-cupcake/

Yap, I am really hungry. Based on the spirit on the whole project “Do it by hand” I spent some time to finish the robot. It’s not hard since there is a instruction together with the toy. Put a new bag of cookies and push the button on it will start moving. I start to think about transmitting food supply. This was not easy because one has to consider foor conservation and convenient at the same time. So I choose cookie for now.

I do hope that one day the mechanic arm can work so that it will take cookies out. It’s cracky when it moves!



Don’t know why it look so dumb….

That is for now.

From the 7 in 7 project, what I learned and enjoyed is that do it by hand. It’s not a constraints at first, but I realized it will be an important factor for the project. I do not want to give any thought too far away for me to achieved. I want to know what is my boundary so far. Thus, most of the things stay very simple and even without technique difficulties. To me, it’s fun to enjoy the process of try and error. They are not as simple as I imagine and took much more time than I thought.

For instance, I did not know how to carve a bread into sculture; combining straw is so difficult to think because it require 3D concept; I do not know how to squeeze the tweeter gadget into the egg shell and finally, the food will hinder the moving robot. There are many situation I have met and these experience, I believe, is something unexpected similar to the real interaction. One never know exactly will happened. It looks simple but it never is. I do think about the technique problem because right now, it is difficult to do something complicated. It need a certain time to learn hand-made stuff and these experience will inspire the maker into another thought. The food project is merely a starting point. Once I have these experience now,  I start to know how a simple idea connected to another and then came to a new design. I think I will keep doing the project once a week if possible. It will keep me thinking about prototype and interaction.


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