7×7 6: Portable Night Light

Project 6: How To Not Be Afraid of  The  Dark

Another strange, useless artifice, a portable night light. The idea for this object is to be towed behind someone as they are walking down a dark hallway in the middle of the night. In the video you will notice that there is a strange jump, the shade fell due to the uneven concrete floor in my apartment. I resumed filming from an estimated point from which the devise failed. I have a long-term idea for this piece. I would love to put a motor in it and use an Arduino to control its movement. I would possibly create several of these portable night lights in different colors.

Result: YouTube video below + photograph


Materials used and their limitations:

Door hinges, wire, flash light, round cardboard box, about $10 in coins, aluminum foil, wheels. I used a box filled with coins as the base. The reason I used coins is because I wanted to add weight for steadier rolling. I punctured a hole in the lid of the box and placed a small flashlight through it. Next, I placed a glass vase on top of the light. I connected two door hinges together with wires and placed 4 wheels to the bottom of the hinges to which I added the box with light and vase.




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