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7-in-7 Presentation


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DAY 7 7in7

For my last project I wrote a processing sketch that basically oscillates back and forth between pre loaded video footage and live captured footage. This sketch toggles the two video files based on frames per second, which can be modified to fit many different scenarios. this actually serves as the base for a larger project …

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7 in 7 : cookie monster

 I did not make this!! Source: http://www.doobybrain.com/2009/02/01/cookie-eating-cookie-monster-cupcake/ Yap, I am really hungry. Based on the spirit on the whole project “Do it by hand” I spent some time to finish the robot. It’s not hard since there is a instruction together with the toy. Put a new bag of cookies and push the button on …

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Day 7: 7-in-7

Day 7 (Yayyyy!): Digi-Wallet On this last day I was thinking of all the food and coffee that I buy in the city, and a possible way to map my spending.  I came up with a digital wallet prototype that would tell you the amount of money you spent that day, and the amount remaining. …

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DAY 6 7in7

Three Videos: one two three As a whole the piece is still untitled. For day 6 I decided to create another video installation, and what I ended up with was three variations of the same piece to be displayed together on multiple tvs to be constructed in some way. Through this work certain other ideas …

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7 in 7: Day 6: Lips

This idea has be bubbling in my head for sometime now. I gave myself a two hour time constraint, sadly I did not finish the video due to renderings :-C BUT I think i’m off to a good start. In this video I’m exploring more of sex and technology. What it means to be a …

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7 in 7: Day 5: Robot Speakers

When I was at Maker Faire I found these awesome little speakers in one of their trash picking areas. I attached them to an old pair of headphones so I can use the AUX to hook them up to my computer.The body is made from an empty trader joe’s coffee can. My constraint was to …

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7 in 7:6 food pet Tweeter

7 in 7:6 food pet tweeter Food pet project is testing one’s attachment to food. That is “how you think of taking care of something you are eating.” I found an interesting gadget online. The left Tag is supposed to be tide on your pet. The limit is 30m. The dongle will receive the signal …

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7 in 7 : 5 Wander plate

7 in 7 : 5 Wander plate This is a project that suppose to put on a big dinning table. Since I do not have such furniture, I have to test the moving robot on the floor. The idea is simple. If the food starts to fool you and keeps running, will the person at …

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Day 5: 7-in-7

Day 5: Lines of Emotion Since I did not have a commute to map today, I decided to focus on the majority of my day, which consisted of shopping. I tried to think of what was most prominent during this experience, and I realized it was probably the mix of emotions I had throughout the …

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