7×7 5: Kitchen Mixing Utensil

Project 5: How To Mix Your Ravioli

This project proved to be very difficult, and in my opinion, failed. This needless object was supposed to rotate around the circumference of the pot. The spoon in the middle was meant to mix the pasta in the boiling water. First mistake was attaching the spoon to the very center of the rod. The spoon did not end up mixing the pasta, instead, it just revolved around the center of the pot. The second problem was keeping the wheels on the edge of the pot. I used magnets to add weight to the wheels so they wouldn’t fall off, and it helped, but the wheels were too small to stay on the edge.

Result: YouTube video below + photograph


Materials used and their limitations:

Stove, pot, salt, wooden spoon, 2 magnets, 2 small wheels, metal rod, wires, erector pieces, rubber band. The wheels were too small and kept falling off the edge of the pot.

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