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This video is amazing and everyone should watch it


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Final Project

Hellloooo here is my presentation from today!   http://interface2011.coin-operated.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/InternetFianl.pdf         My inspiration:

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American Purge: Documentation

More documentation from American Purge:   http://vimeo.com/31461130   http://vimeo.com/31709862  

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Final Project write up

My project is a three channel interactive video installation. I am interested in the cyclical nature of violence. I am approaching this exploration through a tight lens. The lens of Franz Fanon, and particularly I’ll be pointing to his text The Wretched of the Earth. However it goes a bit deeper then that. The task …

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instruction sets for strangers

Group: Sable Smith, Elizabeth Tolson, Rachel Law Location Washington Square Park Above is a map that was created from the sat. documentation. Video Documentation We decided upon Washington Square Park because of the highly contrasted demographic that its location allows for. There is a mixture of NYU students and faculty, the crowd attracted by the …

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American Purge: Location Documentation


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Feedback Loop

I am very interested in art and interaction in education. So the feedback loop idea that I am playing around with will be implemented in an educational environment and will be intended to perpetuate a certain knowledge based desire and prompt those in its environment to imagine more. There is a staggering disparity between the …

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DAY 7 7in7

For my last project I wrote a processing sketch that basically oscillates back and forth between pre loaded video footage and live captured footage. This sketch toggles the two video files based on frames per second, which can be modified to fit many different scenarios. this actually serves as the base for a larger project …

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DAY 6 7in7

Three Videos: one two three As a whole the piece is still untitled. For day 6 I decided to create another video installation, and what I ended up with was three variations of the same piece to be displayed together on multiple tvs to be constructed in some way. Through this work certain other ideas …

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7 in 7: Day 6: Lips

This idea has be bubbling in my head for sometime now. I gave myself a two hour time constraint, sadly I did not finish the video due to renderings :-C BUT I think i’m off to a good start. In this video I’m exploring more of sex and technology. What it means to be a …

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