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This video is amazing and everyone should watch it


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Readings for 10-10

Cultural Probes: The article relating to the elderly people was very interesting and insightful in its approach to user based research. I found it interesting the scenarios/tasks that they created which really gave a more organic and I would argue clear understanding of how these people felt about a specific subject, which sometimes direct questions …

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Mash ups

The links below are just a few things of interest to me that popped up during my API research and the last link is just a social organization that addressed an issue Im interested in violence. However on mashups I am still very much undecided. For hardware mashup I am a bit interested in mashing …

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Feedback Loop

I am very interested in art and interaction in education. So the feedback loop idea that I am playing around with will be implemented in an educational environment and will be intended to perpetuate a certain knowledge based desire and prompt those in its environment to imagine more. There is a staggering disparity between the …

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3 Maker Faire Interfaces Picks

1) Vertical Theory (Vertical Gardening) by Karen Mackay – Why was this interesting: It’s a wonderful interaction between us and our environment.  This also presented a solution to a problem with over population, rapid urbanization, lack of space to grow things and food getting unhealthy pesticides in order to keep up with demand. – How …

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