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American Purge: Documentation

More documentation from American Purge:   http://vimeo.com/31461130   http://vimeo.com/31709862  

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Scrapyard Challenge

For the scrap yard challenge my group created four mini accordions set up in a single circuit so that sound could not be made unless every player was making the connection. It was really great to experience how little it takes to actually create some sort of physical product that gives feedback.

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I Love You Not

I didn’t post this earlier but here it is!  

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DAY 7 7in7

For my last project I wrote a processing sketch that basically oscillates back and forth between pre loaded video footage and live captured footage. This sketch toggles the two video files based on frames per second, which can be modified to fit many different scenarios. this actually serves as the base for a larger project …

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Class Starting in August!

This is where we will document all of our work for the semester!

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