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Grand theft Auto mash-up


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Scrapyard Challenge

For the scrap yard challenge my group created four mini accordions set up in a single circuit so that sound could not be made unless every player was making the connection. It was really great to experience how little it takes to actually create some sort of physical product that gives feedback.

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DAY 7 7in7

For my last project I wrote a processing sketch that basically oscillates back and forth between pre loaded video footage and live captured footage. This sketch toggles the two video files based on frames per second, which can be modified to fit many different scenarios. this actually serves as the base for a larger project …

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Maker Faire

So the first interface that I thought interesting at Maker Faire, was a apartment mailbox unit: It looked something like this and had a sign over it that said something to the effect of: you look drained, charge your phone here. So basically each mailbox had a key in it and inside the box was …

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Week 2: Prototyping

I found the readings to be really useful this week since they all address one of the fundamentals of design: prototyping. “Prototyping” is often a term thrown around by us designers, but sometimes we need to take a step back and really ask ourselves what a prototype is actually doing.¬† Every project and every designer …

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HW reading for 9-12

The gist of these articles reinforce the practice of “good” or even “correct” design practices. The emphasis is not only on aesthetics but on user interaction bing pivotal to design. It also states and ¬†argues that user interaction and experience should be the foundation of your actual design. From here the articles go on to …

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