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Final Project write up

My project is a three channel interactive video installation. I am interested in the cyclical nature of violence. I am approaching this exploration through a tight lens. The lens of Franz Fanon, and particularly I’ll be pointing to his text The Wretched of the Earth. However it goes a bit deeper then that. The task …

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Readings for 10-10

Cultural Probes: The article relating to the elderly people was very interesting and insightful in its approach to user based research. I found it interesting the scenarios/tasks that they created which really gave a more organic and I would argue clear understanding of how these people felt about a specific subject, which sometimes direct questions …

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Grand theft Auto mash-up


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Maker Faire

So the first interface that I thought interesting at Maker Faire, was a apartment mailbox unit: It looked something like this and had a sign over it that said something to the effect of: you look drained, charge your phone here. So basically each mailbox had a key in it and inside the box was …

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1st of 7 in 7

PICK OUT THE BLACK The project is a simple processing tool that presents a few images of “black” people. The instructions say: “pick out the black,” even this very verbiage will cause some discomfort. With your mouse, as your scroll over these pictures the RGB vaules are picked out and the color is displayed in a box. Roll …

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On: better displays, a prank on information, wishing what happened stayed where it happened, and the human conflict of self-defiance and improvement

1. Donald Norman, “Natural Interfaces are not Natural” Whenever what is “natural” comes to an argument, I feel conflicted. I know that artificial is defined as man-made, mimicking nature, but I have a hard time digesting that anything humans do is not natural. Throughout Norman’s essay I felt that a crucial part of his postulation …

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