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Feedback Loop: Smart Wallet

Feedback Loop: Smart Wallet Concept: While there are several apps that act as budget trackers, I don’t think this is enough for some people who seriously want to budget their money.  The action of going into an app and checking your budget does not seem like a lot, but many people will forget to do …

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One feedback loop.

My feedback loop sort of speaks to our obsession with facebook and social networking in general. For my feedback loop I have created an application for your computer that launches immediately upon startup. Some of the inspiration comes from the IOGraph mouse tracking. What my application does is track IP addresses. So it has a …

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Feedback Loop

I am very interested in art and interaction in education. So the feedback loop idea that I am playing around with will be implemented in an educational environment and will be intended to perpetuate a certain knowledge based desire and prompt those in its environment to imagine more. There is a staggering disparity between the …

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