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This video is amazing and everyone should watch it


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Final Project

Hellloooo here is my presentation from today!   http://interface2011.coin-operated.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/InternetFianl.pdf         My inspiration:

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American Purge: Documentation

More documentation from American Purge:   http://vimeo.com/31461130   http://vimeo.com/31709862  

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Final Project write up

My project is a three channel interactive video installation. I am interested in the cyclical nature of violence. I am approaching this exploration through a tight lens. The lens of Franz Fanon, and particularly I’ll be pointing to his text The Wretched of the Earth. However it goes a bit deeper then that. The task …

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Feedback Loop

I am very interested in art and interaction in education. So the feedback loop idea that I am playing around with will be implemented in an educational environment and will be intended to perpetuate a certain knowledge based desire and prompt those in its environment to imagine more. There is a staggering disparity between the …

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Mash up and Feedback loop Readings

Feedback loops are a very interesting construction. For the most part a lot of have a feel of ubiquitous computing, not that they are so integrating into our lives that we don’t notice them, but they are integrated in a way, that we don’t analysis them. The seep “meter” for example. I would argue that …

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1st of 7 in 7

PICK OUT THE BLACK The project is a simple processing tool that presents a few images of “black” people. The instructions say: “pick out the black,” even this very verbiage will cause some discomfort. With your mouse, as your scroll over these pictures the RGB vaules are picked out and the color is displayed in a box. Roll …

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Homework readings

The web means the end of forgetting..first I would say that the web is actually the beginning and the end of forgetting. It is the beginning of forgetting for human beings. For one, the web saturates us with so much information constantly sand rapidly that we start to retain less and less information. Our attention …

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Class Starting in August!

This is where we will document all of our work for the semester!

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