instruction sets for strangers

Group: Sable Smith, Elizabeth Tolson, Rachel Law

Location Washington Square Park

Above is a map that was created from the sat. documentation.

Video Documentation
We decided upon Washington Square Park because of the highly contrasted demographic that its location allows for.

There is a mixture of NYU students and faculty, the crowd attracted by the east village, street performers and artist, tourist, and the locals from the surrounding neighborhood. This creates a rich mixture of culture and personality.

A few things that interest us about engaging within a space:



street performance

playing with scale/ the scale of objects, space, perspective, etc

the digital and physical and how they collide, interact, and negotiate with each other in the larger context of american society

Intervention Ideas:

tourist exploitation (best photo spot here)

Human powered shredder

Telephone game — (telephone rings, ask a question and answer is saved or broadcast, etc)

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