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Well let's see... I graduated from NYU w/ a BA in French Language and International Politics. Because of the French, I became an account executive in the fashion industry. Being a corporate yuppie didn't really sit well with me after awhile. So I switched careers and retrained as a Graphic Designer/Art Director building up my print portfolio (I wanted to pay attention to my creative side). Now in my 30s, I want to evolve into something more progressive along the lines of new media (i.e. interaction, web and motion). I've handled huge accounts, dealt with "captain of industry" types, and managed a staff. At this point, I want to focus on me and what I truly want to become professionally. I'm a lot more mature and honest with myself this time around. And I think I have more to offer artistically and intellectually than I had in the past.

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Americana- FINAL

Videos: Sam Sam 2 Nicole Christopher Ashley    

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This is harder than I thought.  I had the initial look and feel going, but it’s nothing I can complete within 6 hours.  I need more data and research for the character data.  As of this moment, I have the following as character set up: 1)  Couple with family from Sweden 2) Newly wed couples- …

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Bought the URL: historyamericana.net

But programming nightmare continues and it’s looking a little lame for the sake of time:  http://www.historyamericana.net/     UPDATE The site will be like this:

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Americana Interface Design- Website

FINAL PROJECT SUMMARY + RECAP: –  This whole project concept was to develop/design a website + website app in order to learn U.S. History.  It’s meant to be a convenient educational tool and resource. WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO PROVE: – American History is interesting and important WHY IS THIS DIFFERENT: – It’s equipped with …

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The Americana Game

After exploring other interactive avenues that I can add to the Americana website, which was a resource for learning American history (with the use of API and Openframeworks to gather information).  It came down to two additional interactive pieces to push this project further than just another website.  A game and an interactive installation piece …

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PROJECT PROPOSAL “Americana”: is web-based/web app interactive educational tool or can also be used as a reference site.  Will have a game option of “role-play” for younger audience. Problem to be addressed:  American’s lack of interest and knowledge of their own history. Possible Solutions:  use the popularity and availability of home computers, websites activity and …

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Instruction set for strangers- PHASE 3 (continued)

Finally, success:

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Instruction Sets For Public- DAY 2 + 3 (Continued)

After our first test, we realized that we needed something obtrusive to capture the public’s attention, enough to garner questions and hopefully participation. What we came up with are two billboards/posterboards around 32X24.  We designed it with bright colors in an attempt for it to stand out: Billboard A: Billboard B:   OBSERVATION: -Here’s our …

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Instruction Set for Strangers- DAY 1 (continued)

-Our First Initial Mock-Ups Launched- We stuck with the animated characters to humanize the items in order to enhance the eco-scavenger hunt appeal, giving it more of a fun factor in hopes that the interaction experience would also be a fun one as well as educational.   We decided on a family model to introduce …

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Instruction Set for Strangers- MOCK UPS (continued)

Preliminary mock ups Recycle Scavenger Hunt Design and tagline subject to change.

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