Mash ups

The links below are just a few things of interest to me that popped up during my API research and the last link is just a social organization that addressed an issue Im interested in violence.

However on mashups I am still very much undecided.

For hardware mashup I am a bit interested in mashing up video games or segments from video games–first person shooter or anyone really were lives are lost…most violence games even the most tame, game is over when you die….

The demographic of people playing these games statistically are dying at rapid rates… some how I would like to link the two.

Also for software to software I have been looking at the New York times API specifically the us congress API and mashing different statistically spending information around educational information by location so that disparities are illustrated, then possibly contacting the twitter API to tweet these findings somehow.

I think i both of my mash ups I would like to use tweeter as well to sort of speak to what the mash up is illustrating only if simply for the game mashup for example it tweets I died.

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