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One feedback loop.

My feedback loop sort of speaks to our obsession with facebook and social networking in general. For my feedback loop I have created an application for your computer that launches immediately upon startup. Some of the inspiration comes from the IOGraph mouse tracking. What my application does is track IP addresses. So it has a …

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Mash ups

The links below are just a few things of interest to me that popped up during my API research and the last link is just a social organization that addressed an issue Im interested in violence. However on mashups I am still very much undecided. For hardware mashup I am a bit interested in mashing …

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2nd of 7in7

So I actually created a crude very rough version of the website but my server is having some issues now…so I uploaded some screen shots. When my hosting issue is fix will post site. http://morehousemaleinitiative.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/aa-male-cause-of-death2.pdf The ID’s are randomly generated by the system but basically it assigns every user a statistic related to the black …

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Homework readings

The web means the end of forgetting..first I would say that the web is actually the beginning and the end of forgetting. It is the beginning of forgetting for human beings. For one, the web saturates us with so much information constantly sand rapidly that we start to retain less and less information. Our attention …

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