Day 5: 7-in-7

Day 5: Lines of Emotion

Since I did not have a commute to map today, I decided to focus on the majority of my day, which consisted of shopping. I tried to think of what was most prominent during this experience, and I realized it was probably the mix of emotions I had throughout the day. Although I like buying new things, I do not like the process of shopping. When I need something in particular, it usually takes me a very long time to find something that I like.  There are many constraints – look and comfort need to both be present while still being on a budget, which definitely makes this a long and arduous process for someone as picky as myself. From the frustrations of crappy customer service to the relief of finally finding a pair of sneakers, this was definitely an emotive process. As you can see, I continued with the constraints of mapping and using a line as the basis for my drawing.

Ideally I would like this to be an interactive graphic made in Processing, however time did not permit for this yet. When you click on one of the colored squares in the key of emotions, only the lines from that emotion would show up, as shown in figure 1. This would allow you to view them separately or compare the connection between emotions, as shown in figure 2. For now I just have a visual graphic that shows all of the emotions at once.

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