7 in 7 : 5 Wander plate

7 in 7 : 5 Wander plate

This is a project that suppose to put on a big dinning table. Since I do not have such furniture, I have to test the moving robot on the floor.

The idea is simple. If the food starts to fool you and keeps running, will the person at table be annoyed or feel interested in? The speed is not very fast so basicaly people can still get food it they want to. I was thinking of “Wander French Fries” so that people can share fries to gather and enjoy.

Here is the testing video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IM3whYKkX1E


Fist step: make dinner

step2: prepare apparatus  and put the serving on


This is the final reseult. It’s not moving quite smoothly because of the weight of food. It moved rather slowly so I did not record it as video.





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