7 in 7:6 food pet Tweeter

7 in 7:6 food pet tweeter

Food pet project is testing one’s attachment to food. That is “how you think of taking care of something you are eating.”

I found an interesting gadget online. The left Tag is supposed to be tide on your pet. The limit is 30m. The dongle will receive the signal and keep tweet.


I put the tag in egg shell so that it will work as a pet character.

This is what it tweet:


Basically, the app controls what it says, so now its on the default value “Dog’s talking”

If updating the database, I think it is possible for my “Eggy’s speaking.”

Anyway, the relationship between human and food is not the manner of “eat it at once” anymore.

Maybe a little grateful and admiring is also required when you bite your food.

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