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day 5 7in7

For today’s 7in7 I decided to continue with yesterday’s project and actually modify and add visuals to the sound installation. From there I played around with some imagrey and created a piece titled: Somewhere in the future “The Dominate Gaze” envisions the Last Martin Luther King Day. This idea for the title as well and …

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7 in 7 : 4 Drink together

http://vimeo.com/29166890   It is a project using straw to drink from different cup and to know what is the flavor. The straw can keep add up to drink from 3 or 4 cups. The most interesting part is you might not know what you are drinking at the time.  

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Day 4: 7-in-7

HandMap My constraints again were unconventional mapping and using one line as the basis for my projects. I decided on my commute today to map my hand (basically everything I touched on my commute). The size of the objects corresponds to the frequency in which I touched the object. For instance, my phone was in …

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7 in 7 : 3 Food Stealing alert

“Don’t touch my food” I use cookie as samle to test The original design should be a plate has light and sound beep cookie alert  : http://vimeo.com/29166834 when someone touch the food without turning off the alert. I can’t finished the plate so I use a simple apparatus to replace.

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7 in 7: 2 Untitle

Day2 is supposed to be something 3 dimension. BUT, this is a totally fiasco in day two. I can’t do the sculpture from a cupcake. So it turns out to be a cute animal. I was thinking if giving candy on the dog’s head, it will keep nodding.

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Day 3: 7-in-7

For the third day I continued with my theme of mapping, this time by mapping motion.  I tried to act as sort of a human seismograph, holding a pen on a piece of paper during certain parts of my commute- when I was walking, riding the subway, riding the railroad, and as a passenger in …

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2nd of 7in7

So I actually created a crude very rough version of the website but my server is having some issues now…so I uploaded some screen shots. When my hosting issue is fix will post site. http://morehousemaleinitiative.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/aa-male-cause-of-death2.pdf The ID’s are randomly generated by the system but basically it assigns every user a statistic related to the black …

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7 in 7: Day 2: You Are Love

My constraint for this project was to finish it before my photoshop demo expired. :-C but my real constraint was to create an interactive piece that would provoke a happy emotion in people.   This piece is a website, “youarelove.com” , when you get to the page it would access the viewers computer camera. From …

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Day 2: 7-in-7

Day 2: 7-in-7 I continued with my mapping theme, this time using an actual representation of my commute rather than how I perceive it (as I represented yesterday).  I again used one line as a constraint, trying as best as possible to make the images flow together. I wanted to highlight the stark transition from …

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7 in 7 : 1 Retro art

My constrain somehow change due to the integrity of 7 project. It’s now “Something edible.” 7 in 7 : 1 Retro art Using slice of food to combine picture painted from Wassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro. Grocery: strawberry, blue berry, rice, banana, kiwi, cookie, hot dog, egg mushroom, potato chips, and onion. Wassily Kandinsky’s work   …

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