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When I read Don Norman’s article ‘Natural User Interfaces Are Not Natural’, it reminds me of iphone, ipad which based on Gestural interface, and the Kinect.

Gestures will form a valuable addition to our repertoire of interaction techniques, it already become a very important part of interaction system. Gestures are a very important way of communication, Gestures have been part of the interface scene for a long time. ‘The 1998 review by Brad Myers describes work in the 1960s and reminds us that they were first commercially deployed in systems for computer-aided design and with the Apple Newton of 1992. Myron Krueger’s pioneering work on artificial reality in the early 1980s was my first introduction to gestural interaction with large, projected images.’

Gesture is intuitionistic and effective. The Gesture based interaction system will make users feel more participational, just like playing magic, to make the interaction system more humane and user friendly.

But Most gestures are neither natural nor easy to learn or remember. Few are innate or readily pre-disposed to rapid and easy learning. More important, gestures lack critical clues deemed essential for successful human-computer interaction. However, gestures is still a powerful mode of interaction, it now practical to deploy these systems on inexpensive, mass-produced items. We have already seen great advances in their use. The Nintendo Wii make users feel like they are really in the game, they are play this games by their bodies, it is more like realistic. But if you played too high, the controller of Wii might be threw out or hit others. In fact, I did this once.. At that time, I threw the controller to the screen…

The gesture based system has already own a great success on Iphone and Ipad.


However, compared to other interaction systems, gesture has no difference. They also need to follow the basic rules of interaction design,

All of our gesture will be a valuable addition to interactive technology, but they also need better development.

Gestures has been very popular, many people have formed a habit, even in the operating system does not provide a gesture is also used gestures to operate the system. Gestures, however, there is still much room for development, technological advances can solve a problem, but it might bring some new problems at the same time. Standardization is very important, so that different systems can be achieved in a uniform standard. Gestures still need time to perfect the technology to do better. Therefore, we need to continue to improve the technology.

Technology is constantly in progress. The Internet side, in Fred Vogelstein’s article ‘Great Wall of Facebook: The Social Network’s Plan to Dominate the Internet — and Keep Google Out’, which referred to facebook and Google’s competition, it looks really like a movie. Google would like to seek greater cooperation with facebook to attract big brand’s advertising investment, but was rejected by facebook. Facebook executives weren’t leaping at the chance to join with Google; they preferred to conquer it. “We never liked those guys,” says one former Facebook engineer. “We all had that audacity, ‘Anything Google does, we can do better.’  Network in Google’s definition, is a detailed analysis of each activity on the network, building a network map of the world’s strict formula. However, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg envisions a more personalized, humanized Web, where our network of friends, colleagues, peers, and family is our primary source of information, just as it is offline, online or offline is no different. In terms of personal information, facebook is more humane,
Similarly a person, you can see on facebook what kind of music he likes to listen to, what kind of movie he likes to watch, which restaurant he went to last week, which NBA games he watched last night, all kinds of information are kept up to date, very specific, like a real contact with this person outside. But on Google, the search only to the more basic and the official information, feel less vivid and comprehensive picture of this person. So this is a real threat to Google. Even if Google was also started to allow users to improve the personal information of the service, as similar to facebook, but now have facebook, why users have to spend time and effort on Google to do the same thing? More and more people are willing to share their private information on facebook, because they think compared user experience, facebook paid more attention on the confidentiality of user information. More and more people share their information on facebook, in the end, do we own Facebook, or does the Facebook own us, or absorbed us?  The future of social networking must pay attention to the feelings of users, if tedious advertisements or disclosing user information for profit, social networks may be lose their users in a very short period of time.

In Bill Joy’s ‘Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us’ , it said that the speed ​​of technological progress will be faster. Will we be a robot or a combination of synthetic human and robot in the future, or something like that?

Through robotics, will human get eternal life?

Human beings might easily fall into the situation that people have to accept the decisions made by machines or robots, People will live rely on the machine. The machine will make more and more important decisions, instead of human beings.
Between the various parts of the system and the role of feedback is too complex, the system will change chain reaction, difficult to predict the final result. In particular, to human activities into account, the situation is more and more complicated.
We constantly research and develop, improve the technology, but at the same time we are afraid of technology. If it is possible that there is one day, robots are more powerful than our human beings, and we have to rely on machines to survive?
Technology started in human nature, with mobile phones and the Internet, more and more people prefer to communicate on the Internet, and less face to face and talk to people, the Internet has shortened the distance between people, but on the other hand, the convenience of the Internet also pull away the distance between human’s hearts. Is technological progress, really an absolutely good thing?

Because of the existence of the Internet, our lives are full of convenience. As said in ‘The Web Means the End of Forgetting’ written by Jeffrey Rosen, with the Internet, all information will be recorded, we do not forget anything anymore. Each of our experience will be permanently stored (like facebook and twitter does). Technology makes our life full of convenience,  but it might bring some side effects,  will people come to rely on the machine,  and can not work without machine?



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