Reading Commentary Week #4: “A Manifesto for Networked Objects: Why Things Matter”, Julian Bleeker

I had to read this one twice.

Bleeker’s style of writing seemed a little sporadic at least for me.  I wasn’t really getting his train of thought, I didn’t know where he was leading me and mainly the metaphors he used seemed to be all over the place.  I couldn’t quickly grasp the material because he just sort of rambled on.

I liked that he touched up on the importance of blogging, he explains of its network of exchange of ideas, reports and commentaries on ideas, products places or things.  “They report what they see, know and think about” as he puts it.  That’s true in all sense.  It’s the exchange of ideas, whether it’s been read or not, readily accessible over the internet on top of that is what’s important.  Before networking via the internet ever existed, our exchange has been limited, I’m guessing through word of mouth, articles published and consumer reports.

But here’s what I summed up with what Bleeker is trying to imply.  Things (Internet of Things) are important in a more modernized and sophisticated world such as ours, well mainly because Things are an exchange of ideas centered in meaningful topics.  I also think that it’s a reflection of our culture.  To which I agree with what Bleeker implies, because in our current culture and decade, information is valuable.

He mentions the ubiquitous things, internet, wifi all over the place as well as security cameras.  All have something to do with capturing, gathering and providing information.  When used properly, it’s very useful with law enforcement, security, marketing, business growth and both cultural growth and also exchange.  Things can be socially meaningful and it’s interesting to see how things like this shapes a culture.

But after a long time reading through this, I did eventually agree with the points that he’d touched up on.

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