Reading Commentary Week #4: Grey Album Producer Danger Mouse Explains How He Did It, by Corey Moss

I heard about this along time ago.  I’m a music fan, but I never really sampled this Danger Mouse’s remix of Jay Z + The Beatles.  I think anytime a musician touches the Beatles, they get sued.  So I wasn’t surprised that the a cease-and-desist letter happened.

It was interesting to read about how Danger Mouse’s process and how it wasn’t really that easy for him to do, from deconstructing and reconstructing them all over again.  It had taken him two weeks just to pull beats from one track to another then see if they made sense.  I can only imagine.  I think what helped him to accomplish this is his love for both of the musicians Jay Z+ Beatles.  He sites that he had become “obsessed” in getting it done and perfectly well.

I haven’t actually heard this Mash-up and I found a track on YouTube and I was impressed with how it all made sense in the end as in it was pleasant to listen to:
by Danger Mouse

But with this article in relationship with what we’re doing, it was a good insight as to what a Mash-up is.  Although I have no clue what my deadline would be.  In context of music, it’s pretty straight forward.  Take two different tracks, preferably from two different genres, take them apart and combine them both.  What comes out of it is a hybrid of two songs that seems to work.  With music Mash-ups, one would have to carefully and intricately, splice and piece things back together.  If it’s not done properly it would end up sounding like a big mess.

For us, I imagine we’d have to be doing some sort of Mash-up.  I don’t exactly know what I’ll be coming up with nor where to start.  All I know is I’d like it to be something that would be beneficial to a person’s well being, something designed to help or address some sort of social problem.   Just something useful.  Because as a designer, I view myself as someone who is a problem solver.


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