My first 7 in 7 project

My first 7 in 7 project is a short music I made last night, ‘I see faces everywhere’.


I see faces everywhere

watch it in youtube

The constrain is the emotion. In this project, the emotion is loneliness.

This song has two sides, the first side is in the human being side. Sometimes we might feel lonely, when we come to a new place, when we walk in the street, although there are many people in the street, although we see faces everywhere, but in fact we might feel that ‘I am the only person on this street, there is only me on this street. ‘ It is a loneliness, the feeling that we do not belong to this city, this street.  Also, we have always been taught that we have to make people happy when we are in contact with people, which has become a habit. However, is the good and right interaction between people  just as simple as making people happy? Or making people happy is make ourselves happy?

The second side is standing on the machine’s point of view, this song is like the voice of the machine. Machines, robots or even softwares are created in order to ‘make people happy’, there is a program which has a word has been repeated in their minds — ‘make people happy’. They seemed alive, and seemed not alive too. They see our faces everywhere, and they actually are very lonely. For those old machines discarded by us, they once made us happy , they once accompanied us, but when they are no longer usable, we discard them, and they have been very lonely, they have always been just a tool of people. I wonder if one day, the interaction and relationship between people and machines would be more humane? Will people regard machines as true friends, and treat them as real persons some day?

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