Mash-up Project #2: Smart-Dwell

 Smart-Dwell is the new home for the future.

 It is a Mash-up of Eco-Systems, Smart-Sensors and a Feedback Loop all for a Healthy + Eco-friendly home.  Ideally this would be in an urban setting where space is scarce, full of pollutants and also where there’s much waste from energy and refuse.  But this could also be used in a suburban setting where a family would like a healthy home for their children and a home that regulates their energy consumption for economic reasons.

The approach is to have an already built-in  Smart-System (i.e. built in Air Purifiers, Trash Compactors, UV Sanitizer Closet, Vertical Garden, Solar Panel, lights that automatically shuts off when no one is in the room by the use of heat sensors, etc).  The idea is so the average dweller won’t have to buy these extra electronics, which would end up costing them more money and more energy consumption.  It would be better if these components (eco-systems + smart-systems)  would already be included, consolidated and controlled in one central area, like you would the temperature of your home.

In addition, to a Smart-System that regulates itself, I propose a “Nerve Center” located inside the house which gauges how much energy is being use and which rooms of the house.  It would also send out a signal to prompt the user if the Vertical Garden needs maintenance or if it’s time to change the filter for the Air-Purifiers.  Or if any of the Smart-Systems break down.  It could also be where you can control all your heating, temperature, radon levels, mold, carbon monoxide, pesticides and as well as security alarms for the house.

Images of a Smart-Dwell Housing

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  1. So cool! Where are these images from? Or did you make them? Reminds me of my landscape architecture days..

    1. I don’t remember anymore… I think I found it when I googled green and sustainable housing.

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