[feedback loop]

I was thinking of writing a program that would automatically tweet/update status of facebook every time I procastinated (which is like, every single day) but then I realised my friends would probably get really annoyed with me after a while since it would be auto-tweeting/updating every 5 mins and causing major info-floods.

So instead I thought of making something called Rest Your Eyes. I get minor headaches sometimes when I stare too long at a computer screen because the brightness levels bothers me a lot, so I thought maybe I’ll do an automatic pop-up every 45mins or so with a notice saying like: ‘hey, aren’t you going to take a break now?’; ‘it’s time to get some rest’ or maybe one of those health tips about taking care of your eyes or whatever. And if you ignored the message for too long, either the screen would automatically dim/go to sleep or a picture of natural greenery would pop up and you can’t escape from it for the next 15mins

I’ll probably build it on xcode, but not openframeworks. I’ve been trying my hand at writing c++ recently (like teaching myself, not from a class) and I really want to try making a cocoa project.



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