2 Mashups + 1 Feedback Loop = 3 Ways to be Aware

MASHUP #1: Software-Screen based

Greenmaket Mapping Project

My goal is to analyze which neighborhoods have the most amount of greenmarkets and how that data correlates with New York City’s obesity rate and income level of each neighborhood. Each pin on the map will show the name, location and hours of each green market. Pin with a dot in the center represents locations that are open year-round. I am using Google Maps to mash up existing data. I have already begun the project, below is a completed mashup of Manhattan and some data for Brooklyn. At the end of the project, the map will include all 5 boroughs.


Grownyc.org for market locations

Wikipedia for neighborhood border lines

Homes Point 2 for average salary per household data

Google Public Data Explorer for obesity rates by neighborhood


I am not aware of an interactive map that shows you all the greenmarket locations in New York City. GrowNYC has a .pdf with a complicated key to map out locations and it has links to individual maps on their site. In other words, a person cannot just get on Google Maps to see ALL greenmarket locations, get instant directions and see hours and days of operation all on one screen. My map will provide all of that . No downloading of pdfs and clicking on multiple browser windows! Statistical analysis of obesity rates and income levels add an extra layer of awareness to the public. From my analysis, areas with lower income levels have a higher obesity rate and less greenmarkets. Hopefully, a map like this will inspire communities to open up more greenmarkets, have accessibility to fresh vegetables and live a healthier lifestyle.


MASHUP #2: Software/Hardware

All In A Day’s Work

I would like to take a kids’ sound book, specifically Thomas & Friends: All in a Day’s Work, and mash up its friendly stories with headlines about wars that are going on in the world right now. I will keep some pages as they are, teaching kids life lessons about how to be good citizens. Other pages will be audio of machine guns, and other war sounds along with recordings of my voice reading headlines from NYTimes.



The Sitting Calculator:

I have found myself sitting a lot lately; on the subway, studying, during class lectures, eating etc. I began to wonder, what portion of my day do I end up sitting and what portion am I actually active? I will use pressure sensors and a screen reader attached to an Arduino board to measure that data. The counter will start calculating when the subject is in a sitting position and stop when the subject gets up. All of the data will be compiled on the screen in front of them. Using The Sitting Calculator will hopefully influence people to stand a little more and be aware of their inactivity.


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