Day 3: 7-in-7

For the third day I continued with my theme of mapping, this time by mapping motion.  I tried to act as sort of a human seismograph, holding a pen on a piece of paper during certain parts of my commute- when I was walking, riding the subway, riding the railroad, and as a passenger in a car. These are all of the modes of transport I use to commute to school everyday, so it was really interesting to compare the movement in each.  I was surprised at my results when doing this exercise. I had expected the subway to give me the largest movement,but it seemed that actually when I was walking I would get the biggest lines. Also, the car seemed to be the most sporadic. I also encountered the issue of my hand having some control over the pen, even though i tried not to have a grip on it.  It was sort of an occansional impulse to grip the pen when I was conscious of holding it, so I had to try to focus on other things and forget that the pen was there. I also continued with the theme of using one line by combining my results from the different modes of transport into one continuous graph (each was originally on a separate piece of paper).


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