7 in 7: Day 3: Wash Away

For this piece I gave myself 2 hours to work on, I also wanted it to be related to the folk song “Down in the River to Pray”.


In some of my past pieces I have explored Appalachian folk music. The song “Down in the River to Pray”, is about washing away your sins. Being in a women in todays society there are so many constraints on how we should behave. What is being pure? What should our social behavior be? How do we cleanse ourself of the “sins” we have done?

I used my webcam to film the video and final cut express to edit. The sound is recorded using a hand held mic, then edited it in soundtrack.



After completing this piece I would like to turn it into a installation/performance, where I would be sitting in the middle of a room with water falling onto me wearing a white dress, possibly having lights become brighter and brighter though out the performance.

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  1. that was very interesting and evocative. I really like this because it resonates on so many different levels and is fully up for personal iinterpretation. Clearly the viewer is guided by the title “wash away” but other then that it is open. A very emotive.

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