7 in 7 Project #7: The Hush Box

Goal: The new space on 16th street, 12th floor is quite noisy during lecture hours, due to the fact that the old school ad agency concept for the space back fired… The Hush Box would control the amount of noise so no instructor should have to keep going outside and hushing everyone every 30 minutes.  The cubes will light up measuring the decibels and sound levels, Green being quiet to Red being the loudest.  People outside would then become aware if they’re being too noisy and would then have to quiet down and respect their surroundings.

Inspiration: Makerfaire’s Radioshack pavilion.  The 12th floor lab at the 16th street.  Decibels.  Traffic light.  Homeland security color scheme.

Approach: Would need to assemble together big LED lights, sound sensor, arduino boards, the case would be made of snowed plastic or Chinese lantern paper and also batteries, then hot glue gun parts together.  When all this would be assembled, the sound sensor will light up the LEDs to measure the or gauge the amount of noise it receives.

Anticipated Constraints & Issues: The lights changing colors accordingly.

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