7in7 #1 Writing/Drawing Board

Using excrescent delivery packing paper case and  pushpins to make a Writing and Drawing Board. It is very easy to get what you want to write and draw with colorful plastic cord.

It is easy to get all materials, including excrescent delivery packing paper box, 3boxes of pushpins, plastic cords, seccotine and plastic foam( use it to fix up pushpins in the bottom of writing/drawing board). During the process, the pushpins may get loose and wrong positions, you need to use seccotine to correct them to right positions, otherwise, the writing and drawing may be skew.

Here is a video of marking steps:

Example of drawing a fish: Writing/Drawing Board

Example of writing 7in7: 7in7



Here is some pictures of making stuff:

  • The base of writing and drawing board.



  • Fish Drawing.
  • 7in7 Drawing

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