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Final Project Week#14 Part-2


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Final Project Week#14 Part-1


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Final Project Week#13 (Monday)

week#13majorstudio-final Add the Twitter Part. From twitter comments, the Arduino will get a command to control the Led lights color.            

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Final Project Week#12

Presentation week#12: week#12majorstudio

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Final Project week#11

http://interface2011.coin-operated.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Aquarium1.pdf How to make an aquarium out of an old television usb aquarium          

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Stranger Project Final Video

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Stranger Project Material Preparation

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Week #6 Mash-up+Feedback Loop

#1 mash-up: i Plant (USB Plant) #2 mash-up: E-bag #3 feedback loops: Tail! 10.3 Presentation: week#6 mashup final

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Week #5 mash-up+feedback loop

9.28 Presentation: week#5

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Mashup —- with a hardware + software mix

I am trying to design an useful thing which looks cut and quite daily. For me, I  use the USB driver everyday, so, I am going to do some work with it both in software and hardware. I really hope it can be built. USB Plants: USB+ Construction+ Botany A special USB in a different …

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