7in7 # 2 Voice in Water

Sound propagation in different frequencies can get different media. In air,  the same voice may goes this way, but in water, it may be quite different. Pretend you a are fish. How does a fish hear a voice in water? I tried to make a mock voice sounds it is diffusing in water. The big environment — in a subway. Remember, you are fish! Water is around you. It means that the train is running in water world.

First, I recorded some voice in the subway when I went school and back home. Including, broadcasting, people talking, the noise of rail when the train is running,  voice of going upstairs.

Second, I used Audition to mix these voices I recorded.

Third, I added some effects on it to make it sounds like in a water world. Including, bubbles, waves.

  • Audition working.


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