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Using Microsoft Visual Studio, the apparatus can take picture every 5 seconds. That is me! The right one is camera and left is screen. The box behind is an interactive toy. If you blow on the top of the box, the picture of flower will change. They are both delicate.

This is an instrument that requires both hand. I do not know how it works. The right one is apple’s touch pad. And I have to use left hand to push the button. Together they create a sound. It was not function like a piano or something beautiful sound, but it did work well.

Rubber robot. There are cameras in the eyes. The maker mention she wants to add some motion detect so that the robot can react to your movement. In fact, since the robot keeps moving so fast, I thought it can react to people. This is so cute. It moves smoothly like a real animal. I love it the most.

This is a unique experience of American style Faire with food and funny hat, custom, music. What inspired me most is the spirit of making stuff. It takes efforts and time to finish such complicated project. I really admire these makers try to make something from different materials. They are not all complete yet and some of them are just prototype to demonstrate a thought.  But with so many people gather together to join the project, it is really interesting to see things from different aspect. Even a solar energy collector is not easy to make. The other part is technique. I do not understand how they accomplish the project at hands. It is not easy if only by reading the books. Are schools really teaching these stuffs? Learning by doing is always a good way. Finally, the interaction mode they invented is fascinating. For instance, a lot of robots can response to the player and using mouse pad as music instrument. Even the sashimi car, when the lobster stretched out singing the solo, I could not help but keep laughing. It makes me think about interaction does not necessary mean functional. I used to believe it have to or other wise it will become a toy. However, even a toy is related to a lot of interaction. That’s where I found I do not know about interaction at all. Maybe the relationship between human and gadget is suffice to say that they are connected.






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