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day 5 7in7

For today’s 7in7 I decided to continue with yesterday’s project and actually modify and add visuals to the sound installation. From there I played around with some imagrey and created a piece titled: Somewhere in the future “The Dominate Gaze” envisions the Last Martin Luther King Day. This idea for the title as well and …

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day 4 7in7

The Social Soundtracj Day 4 is a sound installation. Once again I am keeping with the same constraints. This piece should be looked at as an experimentation into a collective social soundtrack, to the African American demographic. It explores the ideas of the type of information that a member of that community might be saturated …

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2nd of 7in7

So I actually created a crude very rough version of the website but my server is having some issues now…so I uploaded some screen shots. When my hosting issue is fix will post site. http://morehousemaleinitiative.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/11/aa-male-cause-of-death2.pdf The ID’s are randomly generated by the system but basically it assigns every user a statistic related to the black …

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1st of 7 in 7

PICK OUT THE BLACK The project is a simple processing tool that presents a few images of “black” people. The instructions say: “pick out the black,” even this very verbiage will cause some discomfort. With your mouse, as your scroll over these pictures the RGB vaules are picked out and the color is displayed in a box. Roll …

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