One feedback loop.

My feedback loop sort of speaks to our obsession with facebook and social networking in general. For my feedback loop I have created an application for your computer that launches immediately upon startup. Some of the inspiration comes from the IOGraph mouse tracking.

What my application does is track IP addresses. So it has a database of IP addresses. For example the facebook,twitter and other social networks IP addresses will be programmed n so that the app recognizes and can distinguish between them.

When the app notices that you have visited facebook for example a small window will pop up and provide you with a message some what similar to this:

This app will also snap a picture of you using your webcam as well when ever you visit one of the social networking IPs, to bring the user outside of him or herself when thinking about and being confronted with their digital interaction.
The app keeps a log sheet of how many hours you spend at each social network IP. The idea is just to provide the user with some awareness. At times it is hard for people to recognize that they spend 1000 hours on facebook, etc, etc, and it is also a way to encourage physical communication, as well.

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