Day 4: 7-in-7


My constraints again were unconventional mapping and using one line as the basis for my projects. I decided on my commute today to map my hand (basically everything I touched on my commute). The size of the objects corresponds to the frequency in which I touched the object. For instance, my phone was in my hand most of the time on my commute, so it is the largest object.  The line constraint was used with the boundaries of the hand I drew, so everything had to be inside of that constraint. I am finding these mapping projects really interesting because I am focusing on a specific thing each day that I normally would pay no attention to. It is bringing awareness to different senses and feelings that get jumbled into our busy day, going unnoticed. Ideally I would like to heighten this one aspect even more, for instance by taking away sight and hearing during my commute to amplify the sense of touch. This is something we discussed in my Art/Sci class which I found really fascinating, however this would not be realistic right now. It is definitely something I want to look into more in the future.

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