7 in 7: Day 2: You Are Love

My constraint for this project was to finish it before my photoshop demo expired. :-C but my real constraint was to create an interactive piece that would provoke a happy emotion in people.


This piece is a website, “youarelove.com” , when you get to the page it would access the viewers computer camera. From their my hearts tracker will find the person and place hearts on them. If the viewer likes what they see they can take a picture, which would be saved to their desktop, by pressing the camera image in the bottom right hand corner.



I made the hearts motion tracker in Processing. I have a short video of me using it but it’s not related to this project but you can watch it if you like, please don’t let this video reflect your opinion on my actual video work

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  1. OUTRAGEOUS! Hahaaaaaa = ))

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