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week2 readings (prototyping)

The gist of the readings seem to be more or less the same; which is a discussion of what prototyping is, the language of prototyping and different types of prototyping. What I found most interesting about all the readings – in particular, ‘cardboard computers’, is the near constant use of the word ‘tools’ (as opposed …

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presentation (reimagined facebook)

studio1 Presentation for studio interfaces, assignment 1# reimagined social networks

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week 1 readings

The first thing I thought of when reading Norman’s essay was:  “omg microsoft kinect!” I don’t know how many people watched it yet, but this year’s E3 conference Microsoft demo’ed more Kinect Sports videos for your entertainment: http://youtu.be/OYLp3ml9KJk (skip to 3.18 for the football match) http://youtu.be/UDMJbeqmmi8 (for srs, a very serious star wars kid) I’m …

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