[mashup 2#] Lost Things

I recently lost my university id + trainpass card + lanyard, and I spent the next 4hrs walking up and down the city looking for it (losing the cards doesn’t really bother me much since my trainpass expired anyway, but the lanyard/cardholder was a gift from my mom before she left so I’m very D:!!! over it) And I was thinking how amazing it would be if I knew where it was, or somehow let people know I lost it so they could return it back to me

so here’s my app called Lost Things. The red people are people who lost their things, and the approximate area in which they lost it. The people in blue are people who found it, and the area where they found it.  So if you lost something, you’ll text to: 100-LOST-*ITEM* ie. if it’s a pair of lost keys it’ll be 100-LOST-KEY (100-5678-539) This will capture your current gps location as well. (vice versa for if you found something i.e. 100-FOUND-*ITEM*) and if you think you have a match, all you have to do is tap the correct speech bubble twice to send a text message to the person who found it. So if I lost my wall around Union Square, I’ll tap the found: wallet speech bubble twice to contact the finder.

At first I thought it’ll be easier if it was call-based, but then I rarely pick up calls and also you can’t call underground so text messaging is better (also you don’t know if the person is in a movie or meeting at work etc etc so messaging is a bit more discreet)



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