readings [week 5]

I loved both readings, really can’t pick a favourite this week. Both of them were wonderful!

The reading by RCA was really interesting on many levels; first was how the implemented a non-design/fine-arts concept into a design process (as opposed to borrowing aesthetics which is way more common i.e. rene magritte’s work constantly gets lifted/referenced in many contemporary advertisements. the trend is always towards borrowing aesthetic elements, not process elements) second was how they purposely chose to *not* over-analyse the ‘user-group’ so to speak – instead they relied on interpretation and a kind of very personal, open-ended data gathering vastly different from the kind of data-mining that a lot of other companies practice (where they try to pigeon-hole each user)  The idea of an impressionist-data, is so lovely; almost like splashes of watercolour, loose and flowing and overlapping as it bleeds to the edges of the paper.

The second reading was really awesome too – I’ve been reading up on affordances/agency as a fun kinda thing, and the idea of ledges for sitting and how people organised themselves based on what they think it could be used for is absolutely brilliant. The documentary was pretty fantastic as well (love the narrator!) and it’s quite funny how so many of the things he said still applies, today.


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