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readings week 3

I took a long time to think about what to write for this post, and honest truth – I haven’t really came to any solid conclusion yet. Norman’s essay on design of everyday brings about an interesting concept about material affordances; that the material itself has inclinations towards a certain action/use. At first it seemed …

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of.codes for 1/7 catapillar & 5/7 debussy audiovisualisation

Figured I’ll share these in the spirit of uh… opensource???? Anyway I hope someone finds it useful! I didn’t write it very neatly because I was in a hurry (like the debussy one, I should’ve probably made a class/.ccp just for circles and used a forloop for the mapping oops…) but it works and can …

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1/7 catapillar game


I just realised I started with 2/7 without uploading project 1!!! Intially I was going to do the 365 photos in a day, but my phone crashed after the 280+ photo so I decided to make a simple protoype game instead   catapillargame It’s based on the game called Snake, where the snake grows bigger …

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7/7 easy chocolate&lemon crunch frozen yoghurt

I love froyo!!! It’s one of the ‘new’ things I learnt to like in ny, I didn’t have any back home….. then during bootcamp, I made friends with a bunch of people from hawaii/cali and from them converted to a froyo addict lol Anyway I realised I was spending way too much money on pinkberry, …

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6/7 ribbon brooches

      Made some simple decorative ribbon brooches for winter! I recently bought a bunch of cheap wool cardigans in preparation for cold, but they were all really plain and in boring colours (i.e. dark brown, navy, black…. why do so many people wear black in winter?!?!?!) Anyway the lack of bright (over)saturated colours …

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maker faire report

There was soooo many cool projects to choose from, but here are my top few: Water Swing Conductive Paint by Bare Conductors Ember (kitchen arduino hack for sous vitae) Japanimo (3d object sensor) Not quite an interface, but extra bonus: Most Awesome 3-D printer!!! Prints resins, silicates, metals, enamels etc and CHOCOLATE! CHEESE! COOKIES! and …

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5/7 debussy audiovisualisation

audiovisualisation of debussy’s arabesque in openframeworks: The darker blue circles pulsate in time with the music, while the smaller grey, white and dark grey circles slowly spin outwards to form a spiral loop. A path is drawn in the shape of a circle as well, with the circle growing larger and larger in concetric lines. …

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4/7 poupeegirl multiple exposure

I’m pretty addicted to a game called Poupeegirl, and have been playing for over 2 years. It’s not very popular in US, although it has a huge market in general overseas and in Japan. They not only have collaborations with idols, but also with Nitendo (there’s a DS as well as a 3DS game), fashion …

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3/7 Eggtastic Eggction Comics (Matrix)

Morpheus shows Neo the Matrix

Eggtastic Eggction Comics (Matrix version). Vaguely inspired by Vladmir Putin Action Comics, although admittedly this is probably my own special brand of crazy…. also I was at trader joe’s that day, and they had a tray of eggs for 1.17! rejoice!  

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2/7 PostModern Art Sticker

Meet the postmodern art sticker!! It automatically ‘creates’ a piece of art when you stick it on any object. Here’s an example by Marisa: Basically you fill up the title, add your name, stick it to any random object and turn it into a gallery piece with this handy dandy postmodern art sticker. I was …

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