Scrapyard Challenge!

I was in a group with Firm, Paweena and Doug (spelling?) and actually we came up with THREE different musical instruments out of an old printer and a xbox. The most-fun bit was probably breaking open the xbox, and I got to mallet the harddisk drive! (yay!) After we opened the harddisk drive, Doug said he’ll try to make it into a looping beat and spin it like a dj

The first project we did was with the scanner portion of the printer, we added a thin layer of aluminium foil over the track and another layer on the light-nodule itself so when it ran across the track it would have a change in pitch. We gave it to Firm to do the wiring for it though, so idk what happened to it in the end.

The second one was with the printer, and that’s the one that Paweena and I worked mostly on. The idea was to make a musical ‘keyboard’ of foil switches, so depending on where the jet-nodule was it would play a different note. It was really fun to make, but when we were done it seemed kinda plain….. so we decided to jazz it up a bit and add hearts! ♥

heart printer

… so it became a musical heart printer!!! when 2 hearts ♥ + ❤ = ♡♪♫~~~~~~ the pure music comes out~~

so OK very cheesy, but I think it was really fun! Also nowadays I can’t look at junk without thinking HMMMM… MAYBE I SHOULD PICK IT UP and then my housemate goes: ‘rachel, it’s probably got bed bugs or termites in it’.  I’ve also learnt that a lot of the stuff we have has a RIDICULOUS amount of plastic, like seriously no wonder we’re running out of resources if we have so much plastic wrapper that we can barely get into the mechanism inside.



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