Response to ” The Computer Revolution Hasn’t Happened Yet” —Alan Kay

This article is mainly on Object Oriented Programming as well as some of the views of computer development. Alan has a mathematics background, but also has a biology degree, he views of computers are more than the common view. For example, since he is so familiar with the structure of microbial, Alan said, “compared with the biological cells, the computer is very slow and stupid.”

He believes that the most fundamental technological revolution(The Computer Revolution) has not yet come, because we human beings have the ability to change our way of thinking, but also to change the way of understanding the world.

“(Compared with future technology updates) I think that those events have occurred does not matter”, Kay said, “If we take the PC and other technology changes in the field compared with the printing technology, you will find printing technology from concept, discussed fully implemented (ie, fully mature) experienced a total of 150 to 200 years (until then digital technology has experienced several decades of development, isn’t it just start?)’’. Alan Kay expected generally that: the real digital revolution is completed only when computers and the human (especially with children) achieve a high degree of affinity and harmony.

Alan’s analogy of a board really impressed me a lot. He said that we are always like some ants crawling on a pink wood board , if there is no other external induction, we will forever remain in the pink wood board. And if one day we see our way forward with a blue board, we will not hastily to try to climb on the blue wood board? If we dare to do so, it is possible to leverage the new (technological advance), and the people who has been always conformist will forever be trapped in a pink wood board.

Advances in technology need to break the routine, and even, sometimes, destruction is also a re-creation.

When we began to think that we have been strong enough, the science and technology system has been sufficiently developed, and then if we stop thinking , stop trying to break the routine, we will miss the real revolution.

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