Reading Commentary for Week#4: Calm Technologies 2.0: Visualising Social Data as an Experience in Physical Space Michael Hohl, PhD

I liked how this article explored the virtual world vs the physical world.  And what does it all mean in the end?

What I concluded was that there sometimes a need to map out who connects with you and the information you’ve shared on the internet.  Is there a way to visualize that and if so, how is that important?  And when we find out that information, how would that affect us?

The article sites a particular moment with the programer Dimitrios Vlastaras, where he created a visitor indicator to see how many visits he explains “every time somebody visits my website, an led light blinks once in my room, and I get a
warm feeling of a visitor”.  In a weird way I agree and relate to what he says.

As a graphic designer and having interviewed many times, it does make me feel good when I see there’s been a lot of traffic and website clicks on my Coroflot account.  It makes me feel sought after, that I might have potential clients out there and that I’m in demand.  So in a business aspect of things, I love these visual mappings and information readily available to me that Coroflot has created called “traffic”.  It would list down everything from how many times you came up in searches, how many visits you received on your portfolio and how many clicks your actual URL received.  In a business setting mapping like this does come in handy.  It shows what you need to work on and figure out how to be relevant if need be.

I also thought it was interesting that mapping things like this could turn into an art form.  Per Jonah’s art piece of the website + jackhammer, the idea that “it provokes us to imagine alternative possibilities of linking the virtual and the physical unto one another”.  But what I interpreted from that was that it illustrated how individuals were connected but yet not totally aware of each other.

In the end, I think it’s important to be aware of what it means to be present on the web (web presence).  Everyone has their information on there one way or another.  Particularly when you’re a business owner, mapping out information such as this and coming up with a tools that count your relevancy in a non-intrusive way is essential to stay at the top.




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